The climbing park has many trails.
The obstacles will challenge your balance, coordination,
concentration and offer lots of fun and challenges to share with others.

Trails are graded with colors like in a ski resort.
Orange is the easiest and black is the most difficult.
In between, you will find a light green, dark green, blue, and red.
The height requirement for the different colors of the trails is:
Orange: Over 80 cm.
Green: Over 110 cm.
Blue / red: Over 140 cm
Weight limit: 120 kg

Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult on green trails.
We recommend min. 1 adult per 4 children.
For children under 12, there must be a responsible adult present in the park
even when climbing only on orange and green trails.


Recommended clothing varies with the season.
For winter climbing, it fits well with ski clothing, gloves, a thin hat that fits under a helmet, and warm shoes with a good sole.
In the summer, we recommend training clothes or hiking clothes. It is no problem to climb while it is raining
– bring some light rainwear in your backpack.

You get hot quickly from all the activity, so dress with the possibility of relief in the outfit.
Clothes with cords (hoodies, etc.) are not recommended.

The park is open regardless of the weather during the season.
In the event of thunder and/or strong winds, parts of the park may have to be closed until the weather eases.
Unforeseen downtime does not entail the right to a refund of ticket money.

All activity at Høyt & Lavt is quality assured through our routines and internal control.
The climbing equipment is inspected annually and is approved by the Norwegian Railway Inspectorate.


Everyone who is to use the climbing park must complete a mandatory safety course with an instructor.
The course must be completed at least once per season.
On days with a lot of activity, unfortunately, some waiting time must be expected in the safety training.
Follow the instructor’s instructions carefully to reduce the waiting time.

Access to the activities is not allowed for:
-people under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
-maximum weight for climbers: 120kg

Access to the activities is not recommended for:
-people with back or neck problems
-people with a disease that affects the heart/lungs, or who have other physical challenges


The climbing park is ideal for children, family, young and old, colleagues and friends – for everyone!

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