Lindeland is located in the municipality of Sirdal, on the border between Rogaland and Vest-Agder.

Lindeland Nature Park consists of a campsite, cabins, and hiking areas.

The campsite can tempt with nice and quiet surroundings,
fishing water, barbecue area, and sand volleyball court.

There are also marked hiking trails from the campsite to the bars and mountain peaks in the area.

Lindåsen Cabins is located a few kilometers from the campsite, peaceful and idyllic in the mountains, 400-500 m.o.h.

There is also a banquet room and a farmers museum, as well as a selection of handicrafts.

There are also opportunities for buying coffee, patches, and sour cream porridge.

Buses and larger groups can book dinner.

Sirdal Ullstove has a retail outlet with local crafts.
Here you can order specially made felt sculptures for decorating businesses, homes, and cottages.

You will find more about Musem on our other site.

Opening hours for the campsite: summer months, May-August.

Contact info:

Karin Tove Netland
+47 924 19 142

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