The trip starts in Lyseveien between Sirdal and Lysebotn, about 1 km west of Grydalen.

Lysebotn is a village in the municipality of Sandnes in Rogaland County, Norway.
The village is located at the eastern end of the Lysefjord in a very isolated valley which can only be reached by one road or by boat.

More than 100,000 tourists visit the fjord every year.
It is an access point to the Kjerag Mountain, a popular base-jumping place.
There are cruises and express boat services to Lysebotn from Skagenkaien in Stavanger,
Lauvvvik in Sandnes and Forsand village.

All this passes under the famous Preikestolen cliff on the way to Lysebotn.

The trail is marked in red.

The best time to enter the trail is from June to September.

Trip time

approx. 6 hours

Trip length

9,5 km




around 928 m