Sirdal Fjellgolf is a full-fledged 9-hole course located 560m above sea level
in scenic surroundings on Kvæven in the upper Sirdal.
The golf course is situated in an area, where there is also a place for picnics and tourist routes.

The course was designed beautifully into the terrain by Graeme J. Webster, Scotland
and opened in 2007.

The total track length is 3828, 4350 and 4640 meters respectively.

During the season, courses and tournaments are also organized.

The golf course has also a very interesting offer for those who want to get a special status “friends of Sirdal Fjellgolf”.
These are people who positively evaluate the fact that Sirdal has a mountain golf course
and want this offer to continue to be an important and necessary complement to the offer of activities in Sirdal.

“Friends of Fjellgolf” have a sincere wish that Sirdal Fjellgolf maintains a high level of service and concern for the environment.

“Friends of Sirdal Fjellgolf” are profiled with their name on the signs on the golf course, they get a sticker,
get free coffee, free use of the training course for the whole family and a golf cart for half price. See more here.


Golf is a sport practiced in open grassy areas,
consisting of directing a small golf ball into holes in the ground by using strokes with special sticks.
The goal of the player is to place the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible.
Golf was an Olympic discipline in the years 1900-1904
and was once again host to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


The true origin of golf as a sport is not clear.
One version implies that the sport has its origins in Scotland, in the late Middle Ages.
A sport similar to today’s golf was already described in February 1297 in the Netherlands.
It was a game with a stick and a leather ball.
Whoever hit the ball fewer times before hitting the target from a distance of several meters won.

The rules of today’s golf are the same as those invented in Scotland.
In the beginning, golf was practiced in Scotland and England, from where it spread throughout the world.
The oldest golf course in the world is the Old Links al Musselburgh Racecourse.
There is evidence that golf was practiced as early as 1672 and Maria I Stuart, Queen of Scotland,
was already enjoying it in 1567. The word ‘golf’ is derived from the Dutch word ‘kolf’, which means stick, mace.

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