If you eat meat, check the products from Stølsgris in the local shops
(Fjellbutiken, Joker Sinnes, Omlidbutikken, Nærbuttiken Tonstad).
Stølssalami and Urtepølsen (sausage with herbs) are the usual goods you can find.
Other specialties (like ”spekeskinke”, ”julepølse” and ”ribbe”)
are also available during the Christmas time.

You can also buy meat directly, a lot of information you will find on Facebook.

Stølsgris from Ådneram is a flock of happy pigs spending time in the open air,
digging through the ground, surrounded by beautiful views at 600 meters above sea level.
The flock is fed naturally and without antibiotics.

It’s pretty amazing to see a small, local, honest farm in a world dominated by industrial production.

It is worth supporting such local producers!

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