Suleskarvegen is a road that is also a great attraction.
It is the highest road in the south-western part of Norway.

The road leads from Suleskar in Sirdal to Brokke in Setesdal
and leads through the mountains to Dalen and Høydalsmo in Telemark.
On this road you will see great landscapes all the way.

The road leads through the fjords and slopes of the mountains
as well as through the charming Norwegian villages.

The road has been awarded as “one of the best roads for motorcyclists in Norway”.


Along the way you will find, among other things, an unusual,
historic but still welcoming five-star Dalen Hotel and a wonderful fjord next to the building.


Suleskarvegen is closed for winter from November 1st to around the end of May
(depending on current weather conditions).

You can find the latest road opening data and closing dates on



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