SuperSummer in Sirdal 2021

Enjoy your summer vacation in Sirdal – there are many great ways to experience the area!
See what our member companies can offer:



Food & Drink


Tonstad Bakery

Tonstad Bakery has a large selection of baked goods,
wheat bread, pastries and much more. They are located in the center of  Tonstad, with their own production section, restaurant, café and store.

B20 Brewpub

A brewery pub that serves food
and produces high-quality beer from exquisite ingredients inspired by the mountains and valleys.

Lindeland Camping

Lindeland Nature Park consists of a campground, cabin sites and hiking areas.
The campground can allure you with its relaxing and peaceful surroundings, fishing area lakes, barbecue site and beach volleyball court.

Sirdal Huskyfarm

Sirdal Huskyfarm creates real experiences through history, people and nature.
They offer husky experiences and team building for businesses and activities for families, diverse groups, and school classes.

Sirdal Resort

Sirdal Resort offers a great experience for the whole family.
They have both a water park,
mountain cart and a climbing park in Tjørhom.
In addition, they have accommodation and a restaurant.

Sirdal Høyfjellshotell

Sirdal Hotell has been a proud host since 1986 and has served thousands of guests since then. Their goal is to bring you closer to nature in Sirdal, whether you are here with your family, for a conference or any other occasion.

Dr. Hoffmans School

Dr Hoffmans school rents training rooms,
outdoor equipment and canoes in Lunde, between Tonstad and Sinnes.

Sageneset Feriesenter

Sageneset Feriesenter is located in a quiet area between Tjørhom and Solheim. The resort offers accommodation in cozy cottages on a small peninsula on the Sira River. The resort is connected to a cross-country skiing network in winter, has a lighted sledding track, an indoor pool, a hot tub and a slide for use in summer.

Sirdal Fjellgolf

Sirdal Fjellgolf is a full-fledged 9-hole golf course located 560 m above sea level in a picturesque area on Kvæven in upper Sirdal.

Camp Sirdal

Since its beginning in 2012, Camp Sirdal has organized summer camps and fall camps during the fall vacation for several hundred children. They also offer programs for both fall, winter and spring school classes.


Tonstadli Vacation, Course and Mission Center is a Christian center located in the municipality of Sirdal. This place is beautifully situated on the hillside above the center of  Tonstad.

Sirdal Hytteformidling

Sirdal Hytteformidling rents out private cottages and apartments.
They always accompany and assist their guests from their arrival through the whole stay until their departure.

Sirdal Safari & Adventures

Based at Kvæven in Sirdal, SSA will offer low-threshold guided tours with nature communication, traditional food at the Kvæven café, and accommodation in museum buildings and glamping cabins at the mountain museum in Sirdal.

Joker Sinnes/GP Tjørhom

At Joker Sinnes you will find everything you need for your daily shopping. They have a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods and more.

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